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Janome wouldn't allow it??? That's ridiculous, on two counts:

1. None of the new 9mm accessory feet are available yet.

2. Using the 11000 foot holder the existing 7mm feet fit perfectly, even the 1/4".

The only risk from using those feet would be to try to use them with a 9mm stitch. But that's a risk we've always had, for example not using the 1/4" foot with a zigzag stitch. I'm pretty sure that Janome doesn't have any hidden cameras in the machine that will detect what feet you are using. Don't post pictures of you using the feet to Facebook and you should be fine!

If your dealer is going to play the "We know what's best for you" card you can always order the foot holder online from Brubaker's:
Talk to Amy, explain that you heard about it on Yahoo, and maybe even get a discount.

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Hi Jim,
I asked my dealer to order an 11K ankle for me , so I could use all my
extra feet and she said that Janome wouldn't allow it. Hmmmmmm! I really love
some of those feet that I purchased separately; what do you suggest?

Linda B

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