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Wow, Gloria, the DVD *AND* the app? You're our hero, thanks so much!

I understand your dilemma. The 11000SE is a very capable machine, and so is the 7700. The 12000 is a merging of both of them, with big improvements in both the sewing and embroidery parts. On the embroidery side you have bigger hoops, higher speed, and a bit more stability. Sewing-wise you have the option of 9mm stitch width against your current 7mm. Even if you never use the 9mm, the arrangement of the feed dogs is such that things just work a little better. For example, the 1/4" foot has a guide that hits the feed dogs in just about every Janome model, but on the 12000 it's in between them. That's going to make it much easier to get a perfect 1/4 or scant 1/4. Lighting is amazing on the 12000, and the automatic presser foot control is also very impressive.

It's a shame you have to go so far to see it, because you really can't make a decision without actually sewing on the machine. I would suggest you make a day of it. Call the dealer ahead and make an appointment. If you think you might want to trade in your existing machines, pack them up to prepare (but don't mention that when you call - ask instead if you decide to buy, AFTER you have a quoted price). Take test fabrics with you. If you're a quilter, take a dozen squares. Make it clear when you call that you are going to need at least an hour on the machine, and make sure that someone who knows the machine will be there when you come. Ultimately no one but you can know if it's the right machine for you, but after a good test drive you'll know!

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Good morning.
I own the 11000 it brand new about a year ago and have only used it a handful of life got in the way of my sew time. The end of the summer this year, I bought the 7700. Again, have used 3 times for hemming pants and family life in the way again.
I am considering the 12000 but really don't know what it does more than the 11000. I don't have a dealer near me. Would have to travel almost 2 hours to just see it. Can someone tell me what the 12000 does that the 11000 doesn't? Thank you so much. I do enjoy reading all your posts. Hopefully I can make a very educated decision in the very near future.
And Jim, I did buy your CD and the Apple App for my phone of the foot book. I love them both!!! Well worth the money. Very well done. Thank you!

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