Re: converting decorative stitches to embroidery stitches


Chiming in as one who has been using AcuSketch more of late (playing with converting ruler work designs to embroidery designs) use is not entirely limited to 15000 owners.  It takes a few more steps, but you can save an AcuSketch drawing in either (iPad) Files or Dropbox, then go to your computer, and copy it from there to a USB for use in a non-WiFi enabled machine (like the 500 series or 12000/14000).

I am finding it easier to use then my Wacom Tablet because of the better hand, eye coordination.  Also, I am finding it actually easier to use my finger to draw than the Apple Pencil.  Gives smoother sweeping lines.


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Yes, AcuSketch is a good idea too! And probably one of the underused things available to us 15k owners!



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