Re: 14000: Re-hooping fabric to match embroidery placing


One other followup…

You haven’t indicated which hoop you are planning to use, but you may want to check out Jim and Diane’s modification to turn the GR hoop into a magnetic hoop.  This style is much easier to use for quilting. The YouTube link is here (  )

If you search the group posts in under GR Edge there is more information (including reference to a video in the My15000 app).


On Sep 19, 2022, at 8:46 PM, myss3honey@... wrote:

I have purchased a quilting pattern, and can't work out how to place the hoop as I move across the  quilt so that the pattern matches. I hope there is a simple answer, I'd rather be embarrassed than not be able to use this pattern. Be lovely if someone could help.

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