Re: 14000: Re-hooping fabric to match embroidery placing


Hi Janet,
There are a couple of different approaches to use to tackle this.  But to start with, you need to make a template of the design that you can lay over the top of your quilt as you hoop it.  You can do this by printing the out the design from  computer embroidery software.  If you don’t have the software, you can load up the design on the machine, hoop a light or mid-weight cutaway stabilizer and mark the center crosshairs with a pen.  Then stitch out the design with a color that contrasts with the stabilizer and trim away the excess stabilizer.  Now you can lay or tape the design on your quilt to help line it up in the hoop.  

If you are using an edge to edge design that is intended to actually join continuously, you can move to the first stitch and the. use the jog keys on the machine to better align the starting point with the ending point from the prior stitchout.

Does this make sense?

On Sep 19, 2022, at 8:46 PM, myss3honey@... wrote:

I have purchased a quilting pattern, and can't work out how to place the hoop as I move across the  quilt so that the pattern matches. I hope there is a simple answer, I'd rather be embarrassed than not be able to use this pattern. Be lovely if someone could help.

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