Re: 12000 or keep 11000 question

Patricia Ward

Gloria, I had the same machine set up... the 11000 and the 7700. I traded in the 7700 because with the 12000 you have the 7700 but with the added embroidery feature.  I kept my 11000 because I do like the machine and I had upgraded it to ver 3 so figured, I would keep it to use and I am glad I did. 
The 12000 has great features for quilting and of course all of that space on it for FMQ.  I have not used the embroidery yet but I am really enjoying sewing with it. It is powerful, quiet and fast.  I love the 9mm feature. 

So basically  think of the 12000 as a very advanced machine that incorporates all of the 7700 features into it but adds the new features of the larger embroidery, the direct link to Horizon Link on your computer and fast and more quiet as extras.  I can't believe how quiet it is, really. 

And there are added quilting features that the 7700 didn't have.... the choice of a stitch for a 1/4 seam or a scant 1/4 seam; the sensor to automatically set the height of your FM foot and you don't have to turn the little screw to adjust the foot to glide across your fabric.
I am sure there are features that I forgot to mention; someone else I am sure will have more to tell you.

I am one hour from my dealer but went to the launch on Oct 1.  If you have a good dealer, the drive is well worth it. 


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