Re: Saving Dl'd designs to the embf file



You may also need to do some page advances using the arrows at the very bottom of the screen.  The other day, I noticed that my 500e showed me folders on the first screen and individual designs on the next screen/page, even though the first page was not completely filled.


On Aug 7, 2022, at 8:32 AM, Kathy Strabel <ksbappa@...> wrote:

Due to a move, I have not touched my embroidery machine for many months. I have set my e500 up and Dl'd a couple of new designs from a reliable online source I have used for years.  I have successfully saved the designs to the folder where I keep all of my designs. I then copied and pasted each of the 2 designs into a fresh new thumb drive. I can see them when I open the thumb drive on the computer's screen. However.....I know that the designs must be in the EMBF file on the thumb drive for the e500 to be able to show them on the screen.  But I am completely blanking out on how to save the designs to the EMBF file, not just the EMB file on the thumb drive.  I just started using the new fresh thumb drive out of the package.   When I look at the thumb drive's contents on the e500's screen, I can see the word EMBF surrounded by a thin rectangular box.  When I touch that EMBF, the word goes away and the screen just shows a blank white space. It apparently is because I did not save the designs the EMBF. But have forgotten how to do it!!!   Can someone explain step by step what that process is??   I am just not remembering a critical step to saving designs to a thumb drive. Very annoying, because I have done it successfully for some years.
Thank you,
Kathy S.

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