Re: AcuEdit & 15000

Lyn Quine

If you have small USB sticks/flash drive, plug one of those into the machine it will format it automatically, then you can put design files into the folders.  When I say small 2GB is recommended, but as long as you don’t cram too many designs on it it will read an 8GB but just don’t use a really big USB 

On 2 Jul 2022, at 14:40, Fiona Williams via <f.taylorwilliams@...> wrote:

 Hi Jim,

So I finally plugged my computer into the machine and tried to send a design from Horizon link suit and it failed. I am now worried. Is my machine shot? As of right now I have no way of getting designs to my machine 😭.


On Jun 30, 2022, at 4:47 PM, Jim Stutsman via <onlinesewing@...> wrote:

The M17 apps are completely separate from AcuEdit. I've downloaded and installed them to see if there is interference, but they have no effect on communication with the 15000. That said, if one were to use the split screen option on the iPad to run both Embroidery Link (M17) and AcuEdit (15000) side by side, there might be a conflict if both apps were trying to connect to a machine.

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