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Fiona Williams

Hi Jim,

Sorry to bother you I know it is a holiday and hope you are enjoying it. Ok so I think I know the problem but I don’t know how to solve it. So in settings my wifi shows up correctly but when I go to my machine and switch to the import screen all of a sudden the wifi signal is greyed out ( means not working I guess). My ipad is sitting 1/2 inch away from the machine as I am typing and shows the wifi signal is ok but yet still grey on my machine??? I am super confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I do not understand how wifi can be correct on both but greyed out on the machine.


On Jun 30, 2022, at 3:53 PM, Jim Stutsman via <onlinesewing@...> wrote:

When submitting an app to the App Store it is required that you provide a web address for support. Janome does have such a link for AcuEdit:
If you click that link it takes you to the Janome Global site, in the version that supports your language. From there you will not be able to find anything related to support, other than the address of the Janome website for your region. Solving WiFi connection issues remotely is supremely difficult. About all I can do is offer some basics:
  • There are 3 components involved in WiFi connection: the iPad, the network itself, and the machine. Trying to test all 3 at once is frustrating and pointless. Instead you should check each one separately.
  • First check the router. Power it off, count to 10, then turn it back on. If your router is built into your cable, satellite, or DSL modem turn that off instead, count to 10, then back on. Wait until you see all green lights. If you don't get green lights then it's time to call the Internet provider.
  • Next check the iPad. Go to Settings. Make sure Airplane Mode is OFF. Make sure Wi-Fi is set to your home network. Look in the top right corner of the screen for WiFi signal strength next to the battery indicator. It looks like a tornado and should have 3 bars, although the bottom "bar" is really just a dot.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi option. At the top of the next screen it will show the network you are connected to. It should have a check mark next to it. Tap the rightmost button on that line, the one with the letter I inside a circle. About ⅔ of the way down on the next screen find IP Address. Write it down. You only need to do this in the IPV4 ADDRESS section. The machine cannot use IPV6.
  • Next you need to look at the path the WiFi signal must use to get to the machine for possible sources of interference or signal loss. A microwave oven can disrupt WiFi while operating. Did the machine get moved? Is there a large metal object near the machine? Has it been moved to a different room? Is there a neighbor with a strong network nearby? You can see the list in Settings -> Wi-Fi under OTHER NETWORKS. If you are in the room where your machine is, with your iPad, and you have one or more neighbors with more signal bars than you have on your iPad, you may have problems.
  • Next go to the machine and open the SET screen. Go through the Wi-Fi configuration again. If you cannot get an IP address then connection will be impossible. If you do get an IP address, compare it with the one you wrote down in the steps above. There are 4 numbers, separated by dots. The first 3 numbers MUST be the same on your machine as what you wrote down, and the last number MUST NOT be the same. If the first 3 numbers are different, then you have either connected the machine to a guest network (if you have one), or a neighbor's network (which would mean their network is unsecured).
If you get to this point and have not found a problem, then the next step would be to take the machine to a different network, like the dealer's store or a friend. Take the iPad and try to connect using their network. If that also fails to work you may have a machine issue.

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