Re: Acufill quilting


The Acufil program has limitations on how small of a 'block' of Acufil Stipple we can make.  
The smallest measurement that can be designed is 3.94 inches, and the largest block size is for the ASQ22 hoop 
Within that limitation you can design whatever size you want, and use the blocks to fill an area up to 129.92 inches.
You can't adjust the spacing of the stipple, it's pre-set.
If your question is how to adjust the spacing you'd need to do that in a digitizing program.

On Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 8:17 PM KewelAunty <kewelaunty@...> wrote:
Is there any way I can make a stipple pattern in the acufill quilting program a little narrower?  I reduced it by the 10% the program will allow, but I need it to be about a quarter of an inch narrower.  I would appreciate any ideas on how to do this.

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