Re: need digitzer guidance!!!

Lyn Quine

It’s really sad that MBX is no longer supported.  She might be able to get a deal if she contacts Wilcom.  They won’t offer any support as there is no longer a contract.  That’s the message I got when I reached out to them for help with 5.5.  But I did do a “trade in” my 5.5 for Hatch 2.  I didn’t pay the full price and have since upgraded to Hatch 3.  Hatch is a lot more stable than the MBX 5 or 5.5.  I had so many problems with it.  I was very reluctant to spend yet more money.  But I now have a program that is similar to 5.5 so easier learning curve, and frankly Hatch and 5.5 are easier to use than MBX 4 or 4.5.  It might be worth emailing to see if they are offering the trade in deal on the earlier versions of MBX.  

On 30 Jun 2022, at 13:42, Kaye Lessard <ekay50@...> wrote:

Hi Jim,
Been awhile - I have a friend who has digitzer mbx 4.0 K  - Her daughter bought her a new computer -windoes 11-and I have not been able to get program installed. 
will not validate the gold dongle!  I know the dongle is working as I installed on a windows 10 computer no problem! 
Will it work on windows  11 or not?   I have installed the hasp driver v 8.13 -
any guidance will be appreciated!!
Kaye lessard

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