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I'm not Jim, but I can tell you that a friend who has 4.5 wasn't able to get it installed on her new Windows 10 computer which was purchased late in 2021. I tried to help, the Geek Squad at our local store tried as well. She reached out to Janome support who sent her a new dongle and it didn't work either. With the limited support they offer they said it must be something in the newer computers that isn't compatible. 
Final story, she has basically lost her program since it won't run on a new computer. When her old computer dies that will be the end of her investment in MBX.

On Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 6:42 AM Kaye Lessard <ekay50@...> wrote:
Hi Jim,
Been awhile - I have a friend who has digitzer mbx 4.0 K  - Her daughter bought her a new computer -windoes 11-and I have not been able to get program installed. 
will not validate the gold dongle!  I know the dongle is working as I installed on a windows 10 computer no problem! 
Will it work on windows  11 or not?   I have installed the hasp driver v 8.13 -
any guidance will be appreciated!!
Kaye lessard


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