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Awe!!!  Thank you for helping that machine!!!  I have a Sears Kenmore 385.1960180 that I bought in very early January 1994.  It still runs perfectly and has had only a minimum of professional repair/maintenance over all those years.  It is a lovely, very sweet machine!!!

- Cat (FL)

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Hey, y'all,

This is a question for everyone who maintains their own machines.

I am working on a Kenmore/Janome (Kenmore 385.1960) The Adjuster's manual requires a set of adjustment gauges for setting various functions, ie., needle bar height, needle to hook adjustment, etc. Is there a guide to what you can do without a set of these gauges? Or is a set of these gauges a must have? With my Singers, I can use standard feeler gauges.

Jeff in VA 

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