This is for Jim re embroidery files

Fiona Williams

Hi Jim,

So sorry to bother you. I am not very techy and finally after many years of owning the 15000 I am attempting to learn it. I use your program Accu Edit to save all of my designs because I am not sure what else to do. I am afraid if I have them on a usb I will lose it and all my designs as a result. I did a couple of courses and tried saving some designs to my machine but it tells me it is full and I don’t see how that is even possible.
My other issue is all of my designs stored in Accu Edit are given numbers so I cannot search for particular designs. Is it alright to change the numbers to names or will I screw something up. Trust me I can screw anything up when it comes to technology.

Thank you for any help you may give.


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