Re: edge to edge quilting


I really appreciated the updated, more detailed video in the app. Especially the tips on vertical alignment. That was one piece I had been struggling with because it was really difficult feeling for the small template alignment marks through the bulk of the quilt.

I do have a question on the blue dot bobbin holder. I have one that I bought several years ago (originally for my 6600P). Will it work with my 15000 or is there a ‘different’ blue dot bobbin holder I need to get? Visually, it looks the same as my 15000 bobbin holders (shape of plastic, placement of holes, spring loaded swing arm, etc.


On Jun 19, 2022, at 3:23 PM, Diane Stutsman via <diane.stutsman@...> wrote:

This works great for embroidery. I just embroidered 20 beach towels that were too thick to hoop.

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