12000 or keep 11000 question

seamgood <seamgood@...>

Good morning.
I own the 11000 SE...got it brand new about a year ago and have only used it a handful of times...family life got in the way of my sew time. The end of the summer this year, I bought the 7700. Again, have used 3 times for hemming pants and family life in the way again.
I am considering the 12000 but really don't know what it does more than the 11000. I don't have a dealer near me. Would have to travel almost 2 hours to just see it. Can someone tell me what the 12000 does that the 11000 doesn't? Thank you so much. I do enjoy reading all your posts. Hopefully I can make a very educated decision in the very near future.
And Jim, I did buy your CD and the Apple App for my phone of the foot book. I love them both!!! Well worth the money. Very well done. Thank you!

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