Re: Jim & Diane

Sissy Costello


I would love copies of those Digi, Tips 10 talks if is possible to share those!

I'm a new sewing convert. 

I am obsessed

I recently got a barely used, MC 10000 that I think is upgraded to 10001. (Shameless plug - I'm currently looking for a copy of the Customizer Plus 10000 CD-Rom if you're interested in selling yours.) 

I love it. It is surprising easy to use. I am astonished with the beautiful stitching she produces. I am definitely under utilizing her at this point, but can not wait to unleash her full potential!!!  

Within *days* of bringing home my MC 10000, I sold my elegant banded inlay, double pedestal, brass foot 9 ft mahogany dining table and bought an industrial table because the formal dining table could not handle the power of the MC 10000. 😆 

(My husband thinks I've completely lost my mind, but is a good man, so he's rolling with it.) 

I have: monogrammed every dish towel, napkin, wash cloth, hand towel, bath towel in my home and my mother's home. I've made an entire wardrobe for my toddler. Embroidered obscure video game characters on polo shirts so our teenage boy will finally wear collared shirt to church. 
So, that was the too-much-coffee-sewing-since-5am-before-kids-go-to-school version of how much I love my MC 10000. 😆

Thanks for reading the crazy ramblings of a newbie!

On Mon, May 16, 2022, 7:26 AM Sharon Simmons <orelake771@...> wrote:

I too am so grateful to Jim and Diane.  I still have my MC10001 and all the issues of Digi tips, 10 Talk, etc..  They have helped me and others so much in learning.  Thank you! 



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