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Thanks Favy.  I think that is a really accurate assessment of some of the pros and cons.  Particularly the large hoops.  As I was looking at the biggest hoop, I was pondering where in my sewing room would I have enough extra table top space to actually do the hooping.  That said, being able to quilt a 10” quilt block in one hooping is appealing.

Fortunately if an M17 should happen to follow me home at some point a few years down the road, the table my 15000 is currently on would actually work for the M17…barely.


On May 15, 2022, at 8:29 AM, favymtz <favymtz@...> wrote:

I too went to the launch party at our local shop this weekend.
The M-17 is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Yes, it's a hunk of heavy and certainly not to be moved about, and possibly for a lot of us, our current furniture isn't adequate to hold it.
Some of the things that I loved that may seem small but still a delight:
  • The touch screens, so crystal clear.
  • The sounds, when touching the screens!
Not so small, and so good:
  • The dial for adjusting the needle height, super cool!
  • Clamps on the embroidery hoops.
And of course, the new big things:
  • the stitch regulator,
  • Laser light for embroidery needle position
  • monstrously large hoops (not sure that's a plus or minus)
What I wish it had:
  • bigger variety of embroidery hoops
  • the laser could be used for projecting straight lines onto the fabric for stitching accuracy
  • and a true camera for embroidery.

That's my analysis, and high five to those who are able to purchase this lovely machine now!!

On Sun, May 15, 2022 at 5:08 AM <juliadlf.ny@...> wrote:
Thank you Pixey for your thoughts on the M17 demo. The only feature I wish they could have updated on the 15000 was a  stitch regulator. Given the size of the M17 it would seem our cabinets for the 15000 would not work to be able to lower the machine into a cabinet for a flat surface sewing which I do a lot of and for storage of the machine when not in use. Another big expense to buy another cabinet. The side loading of the embroidery hoops I can see where some would prefer it to the hoop attaching to the back because of lack of space in their sewing space. I'm sure we will hear more from those who purchased. 


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