Re: Customizer 10000plus CD-Ro


Sissy, you don’t need the Customizer program to stitch Gigahoop nor freearm designs.

But one of the advantages  to having the software is that it’s very helpful to be able to print templates of the designs. It’s almost impossible to get a good line up stitching Gigahoop designs without templates.
 I have a Customizer 11 cd and the program which is backward compatible with the 10k machine. I don’t know if it’s “legal” to make and give a copy. Stutsman’s what do you advise?
Another huge issue is that your machine and computer cannot communicate with each other even if you do have Customizer because Janome has never released updated drivers for it.
so, in essence, you’re probably better off just getting a free program like Tool Shed so that you can do simple editing and print templates. That would be my suggestion!

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