Re: Customizer 10000plus CD-Ro

Cat - N

We have some very knowledgeable and talented people in this group, who I believe will be of much better help for you with the answers you seek. My first embroidery machine is a later model, so I have no experience with any of the previous models at this time. I would be happy to look in the 10000 manual for you but you’ve probably already done that. Lol.  I would expect you will hear from others as soon as they are available. 

- Cat

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On May 5, 2022 at 4:33 PM, <Sissy Costello> wrote:

Hi Cat-N,

Do you know if I have to have the software to use the giga-hoop and the free arm hoop? 

The machine is updated to v. 3.0. Thank you! 

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