Re: Customizer 10000plus CD-Ro

Cat - N

Congratulations!  I cannot help with the software…I have a v.1 11000 now at v.3 and a v.2 15000 now at v.3…but I hope you find resolution quickly so you can better enjoy your new machine’s capabilities !

- Cat (FL)

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On May 5, 2022 at 9:28 AM, <Sissy Costello> wrote:

Hello! I have recently been given a Memory Craft 10000. It is updated to version 3.0. Along with the machine, I was given the Embroidery Essentials box and Embroidery Essentials Plus box as well. Everything is in the box, except the Customizer 10000plus cd-rom.

The folks who I got it from do not remember there being a CD-Rom with the unit. I have looked online to see if I can find used copy for sale without any luck. 

Any suggestions on where/how I can find it? I am new to the sewing world, but already obsessed. 😁

Thank you for any help! 

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