WiFi Connections to 15000


Hi Everyone,

I'm starting a new topic regarding the Wi'Fi and our wonderful and sometimes mysterious 15000 machines.

Two days ago, Monday, May 2nd, I decided that "This is the day" that my 15000 WILL connect to my MacBook Pro that I bought just last year but it is still the "intel" version.  I had been doing the 15000 Workbook Exercises and about Ex.#3 we were testing things and WiFi connection was one of them.  There was NO way that my 15000 or my computer were going to "talk" to each other, so I just decided that I'd been using the USB all this time so I wasn't going to bother.  Well, the day before yesterday, I was to lazy to walk to the machine and get the USB to transfer a design, so instead I took the computer there to save one trip.  I was using Artistic Digitizer, as my 16 year old grandson, Jacob, asked if I could embroider his name on his work jacket, so that it would stand out from the other guys he worked with at the Saskatoon Golf & Country Club.  It was a good way to make the test because I actually had a project to do for real.

At first things didn't work at all.  I found the cable to attach the two together and then the file transferred.   Step 2 was to check out the WiFi and IP addresses were correct, so I tried again WITH SUCCESS!  I think that now I might be good to go for at least a little while.  Jacob came over with his jacket after school, yesterday, and I did a stitch out for his approval.  He was so happy with the test that I got a great big hug from this wonderful 6"2"+ young man. (I think maybe he loves his Grandma just a wee bit).  I think that I will use the FA hoop and do (drum roll please), use the "Free Arm" and do this embroidery through a zipper hole in lining and stitch on the jacket front only.  I'll let you all know when I get it finished, but it might not be today as I am taking Bella Rose for her first road trip, with 2 passengers to Haus of Stitches in Humboldt which is a little over an hour away - it will only be about 140 miles but we will have fun.  This vehicle is awesome and I'm hoping that my new sewing machine will be too WHEN it finally arrives.

Happy Stitching.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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