Re: Error code 6 when trying to download designs from AcuEdit to my 15000

wendy wolff

I did as Jim suggested and put the machine in embroidery mode, but without the embroidery unit attached.  I am still getting the error code. Both my 15000 and iPad have been updated with the new wifi router name and codes. I opened AcuEdit and made sure it recognized my machine, clicked done and then selected the flower icon on the lower left of the screen.  That brings up a bunch of designs as well as a selection to do the design download.  It lists my 15000 and has "Download" at the bottom.  When I press "download" you can tell it is accessing the machine because the screen on my sewing machine indicates that things are going back and forth. This goes for a while and then quits with the error code. The iPad is right next to the sewing machine. I printed out the above document and will try that.

Thanks for all your suggestions.  I have learned so much from this group!  I'm just getting back into embroidery after a long hiatus while taking care of a husband with a TBI.  I can be a trial but we're working through it!!

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