Re: Error code 6 when trying to download designs from AcuEdit to my 15000


I have never seen this error code and don’t have the workbook.  But I did find some good instructions on the sequencing of connecting to the machine and sending a design at this link on the Janome site.

You don’t saw at which step of the process you are getting the error.  Is it when you select it as the target machine?  When you are trying to send a design?  Like Jim, I saw the other reference for the S9 that said it can sometimes occur if you don’t have the machine already in embroidery mode.  I always go ahead and have the machine in embroidery mode before I try to send a design.

One drawback of printed books is the instruction gaps or ‘bug’ fixes are usually discovered after it is printed.


On Apr 30, 2022, at 4:23 PM, wendy wolff <bluemerle@...> wrote:

Hello all,

I just recently had to get a new router for wifi in our house. The machine is all set up, with new router and password. When I tried to use AcuEdit (following the Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000 workbook instructions) to connect and send designs from my iPad, I got an error code 6.  Shut everything down and tried again.  Still got the same error code. Don't know where to look it up. Can anyone help? Thanks and I love my 15000!

Wendy W.

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