Re: Info on the M17

Anne Parker

Cat - Hello again!

Re the M17 - is there any info re price - I seem to have gleaned from looking at US sites that it maybe close to £20000 - can that be true. Like your point about a free arm - hadn't realized that.  If it doesn't have a free arm then it is no replacement for a sewing machine (though I so have lots of machines that have one anyway).  For the price I don't think there are enough bells and whistles for a home sewer to pay that price, though of course  I would like to try it out.  If your not a home sewing re embroidery then you want a multi-needle machine.  To me it seems a bit of overkill, and I will be sticking to my 15000.  Haven't even updated it to Quilt maker yet! - not had time!! :0)


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