Re: Janome Digitizer V5.5 Update to this Upgrade

Evelyn <bajalooper@...>

Thank you for your email.   I did email Janome Tech Support and it was Terry who responded to my problem and sent me a link that I could download the update to Digitizer V5.5.  So now the it is V.5.5H.  It works great and I am happy.  I have made a couple of back up copies so this won’t happen again if I have to uninstall it for some reason.  It actually isn’t an update file but it is the whole software version so it takes a while to download and then unzip.

So, I am very pleased with Janome support. 
Have a great rest of the day,

On Apr 25, 2022, at 12:51 PM, favymtz <favymtz@...> wrote:

Evie, have you tried to contact Janome support? I have heard that they are still offering help for v5.5.
It's the lower versions that they told me that they won't support, and even at that, they have helped some people depending on what the issue is.
It's certainly worth a try!

On Mon, Apr 25, 2022 at 8:20 AM Evelyn <bajalooper@...> wrote:
I  had to uninstall this recently.  When I reinstalled it the knife tool did not work.  I kind of remember shortly after I bought the Upgrade to V5.5  in 2019 that there was an update fixing the knife tool.  I cannot find this update file on my computer and there is no longer  support from Janome on this software.   I just cannot find this update anywhere on their site.  The version that shows up in the About tab on my computer is V5.5G   20 June 2018.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how I would get the knife tool to work or get a copy of the update file ?  Thanks


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