Re: Transporting 15000

Cat - N

Lol, Ceil. It had to happen that I’m not the only one with a purple Tutto. I’d have chosen either aqua or purple anyway but was okay with any color and was surprised purple was the cheap color. I gif mine on Amazon…I forget which retailer was selling them via Amazon but it was a ‘quilt’ type company and a well known name at that. I no sooner bought it online and the price was reduced so I inquired what that was so, and they reduced my cost to match their sale price. So win-win, I guess, but the case worked well for me when I most needed it and I am grateful to have found such a deal, having so much medical to pay, too.  Sounds like your Tutto was a godsend for you as well. 

- Cat

Typos courtesy of autocorrect. 

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