Re: Changing the 15000 needle threader

Jim Stutsman

If the piece you have was part of the upgrade dealer kit, you probably don't want to do anything with it. Instead you are better off fixing what's installed. It's a very fiddly process, but it's not difficult. Put a new size 11 needle in the machine. Lock and activate the threader. It will come down and miss the eye. Turn the machine off. Now you'll want a strong light and magnification. The hook will be either to the left or right of the eye, and it may be bent. If the hook is broken off (appears missing) you're done until you can get the part. If the hook is bent, you can GENTLY push the threader back just enough so the hook clears the eye. Then GENTLY push the needle so the hook goes through the eye. It's very important that the needle not get bent. Once the hook is through you can use the smallest screwdriver you can find to push against the edge of the hook until it is straight. Turn the machine back on and test. Repeat as needed. I'm emailing further instructions in can this does not solve the problem.

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