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Cheryl if you can do a dual trade-in, that's a hero deal. When Diane got the 7700 she thought it was the best machine ever. That's only happened twice before, first with the 7500 and again with the 6600. Now that she's got the 12000, she has decided that it's the ultimate best machine ever. The 7700 hasn't been turned on since the 12000 came out of the box.

Try a blitz approach on your husband. Clip pictures of the 12000 from the brochure and magazine ads. Leave them around the house, in drawers, on his pillow, in his truck, etc. After all Christmas is coming soon, and a few hints won't hurt!

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The hardest thing I've done in a while is convince myself to walk away from the 12000 at Betty's Bobbin Box! I may have to go back to work and get one before it's all done. Right now I have an 11000SE, 7700, 1200D and a Jem Platinum so my sewing room is extremely well equipped. The only justification I've come up with so far is that Caren will take my 7700 & 11000 in trade so that would give me more space in my sewing room. For now my husband doesn't necessarily think that's a good reason.
Cheryl Long in Midland TX

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