Re: Bird nests created under the bobbin.

Jim Stutsman

There are many possible causes, but these are the top 4:
  1. The needle thread comes out of the take-up lever, or was never securely in it to begin with. This is usually quite obvious.
  2. No tension on the needle thread. Normally this would only happen if something was stuck in the tension. It can usually be fixed by "flossing" the tension with a strip of fabric like denim.
  3. Burrs on the bobbin case, needle plate, presser foot, or hook race. Initially the burrs happen because a broken needle and/or bird nest. If not fixed, the problem will continue to happen, causing more damage.
  4. Designs with very short stitches using a needle or thread that is too large. Outline stitches are often only 1mm long. A size 14 needle makes a hole 1.4mm wide. That can lead to two stitches in the same hole, resulting in a loop that doesn't pull up. In no time a bird nest will form. This can also happen using a thread that is 40wt. For really short stitches 60wt is better.

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