Tension disks

William D Lawson

Good morning everyone.  I am curious if anyone has had an issue with the tension disks similar to mine. My 15000 was running fine. No problems but it hadn’t had a checkup in a while so I took it to my tech to be cleaned.  When I got it back, the tension disks were acting up. They wouldn’t release when I locked the machine to thread, or when I raised the presser foot, or when I cut the thread.  I’m not even sure that they released when I powered on the machine and it did the self check.  I sent it back to my tech, he said he loosened the tension as much as he could, charged me again and it still is not working. Do I need to have the tension mechanism replaced or is the a better way to go?  Obviously I need to get a new tech because I’ve lost all confidence in the one I had.  


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