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Janet Gronski

I am using the yellow dot bobbin case. I buy all my thread from the dealer. I wind my own bobbins with the thread he sells me. He is the only dealer anywhere close. He's been in business over 30 years selling Janomes, but he fixes all brands. I'll try buying some Janome prewound bobbins to see if that works. Thank you. 

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Are you using the yellow dot bobbin case?  Prewound bobbins that are Janome brand and not running your machine faster than 600 stitches per minute. All of these can cause the problems you are having.

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Date: 1/12/22 8:37 AM (GMT-05:00)
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I am SO frustrated! I bought a brand new Janome 15000 three years ago. I loved it the first 13 months. Since then, I've had continuous problems. It has had to be shipped to New Jersey factory twice, because the local dealer can't fix the problem.  I would be in the middle of an embroidery project when the bobbin case jumped out of it's spot. I filed down where the needle struck the case to get the nick out and changed needles. The machine would sew a short time,  and then do it again. When I finally got my machine back, it worked a short time, then the same problem started again. This last time, a bird's nest gathered underneath my project-- 3 minutes left to sew on a 2 hour project. The machine froze. Once again, our local dealer cannot fix whatever the problem is this time.  It takes at least 2-3 months to get my machine back. My dealer has been very kind and understanding.  He let me borrow one from his store so at least I have something to sew with. Guess what! It did the same darn thing! My dealer ensures me that it isn't anthing I am doing wrong. Does anyone else have this problem? I want to  exchange my Janome for another brand. However, I have a lot of money tied into this machine - the initial cost, and shipping it to the factory, not to mention all the money I've spent on patterns. Help!! 
I feel like Janome should give me a new machine. Am I wrong? Janet

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