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Lyn Quine

Are you using Janome bobbins.  I’ve found using prewound bobbins that aren’t Janome but generic said to be Janome type can cause the bobbin to leap about and push the cover off, especially when they are down to below half filled.  My theory on it is it isn’t a polyester thread, it is wound so tightly by the industrial winders then stored for a time, the thread coils like a ringlet when cut, but when it is sewing it’s pulled through stretches a bit and then lifts the bobbin.

I always use Janome bobbins now, have difficulty getting Janome prewounds here, but they are available now.   I wind my own, less on the bobbin but it is firm but not as tight as a prewound.  I did have problems with a bobbin case, there are two types of yellow dot bobbin cases now, they come stamped with the part no in the base, one is for the V2 and upgraded to V3 machines, and a different part number for the newer V3 Quilt maker machine.

As far as the birds nest is concerned, yes had that problem but that is normally because the thread just jumped out of the take up lever, there’s no tension on the thread to pull it up so it gathers underneath.  I use the alternative to thread it, by opening the side door, once I’ve threaded the tension disc, I take the thread under and to the left of he take up left and then over and back down to the needle, that seems to stop the thread jumping out, that problem is worse for my machine on the embroidery side.

Janome won’t acknowledge that the new bobbin cases might be a problem or the take up lever.  Sadly the 15000 is now discontinued, a new machine may or may not be launched for the anniversary this year.  There’s rumours but they deny all knowledge.  As for slowing the machine, the machine decides how fast and slow when doing embroidery, we can only limit its max speed on the slider or in settings, but for the most part it changes it’s speed depending on the complexity of the stitch it is currently doing.  

There is a series of videos on YouTube from the Idiot Quilter (that’s his handle not my opinion) who has had the same battle with his 15000.  It’s called throwing my 15000 out of the window.

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I wonder is it something that you're doing that you may not be aware of. I say this because I had a 6 needle embroidery machine and the thread continued to break. I took it to the dealer had it service the dealer said there was nothing wrong but I continued to have the problem.

I went to a different dealer explaining the issue that I was having and the other dealer immediately told me what the issue was and how to fix it.   It was something as simple as simple as winding the the thread around the tension disk twice instead of once.  Once I did that I never had the problem again.   Also the dealer I took it to was not the manufacturer of the machine but I but I knew the dealer  Head experience fixing many makes and models of machines.

It's great that you have a nice dealer but if you have a dealer that can't fix your machine you may want to try a different dealer.

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Are you using the yellow dot bobbin case?  Prewound bobbins that are Janome brand and not running your machine faster than 600 stitches per minute. All of these can cause the problems you are having.

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I am SO frustrated! I bought a brand new Janome 15000 three years ago. I loved it the first 13 months. Since then, I've had continuous problems. It has had to be shipped to New Jersey factory twice, because the local dealer can't fix the problem.  I would be in the middle of an embroidery project when the bobbin case jumped out of it's spot. I filed down where the needle struck the case to get the nick out and changed needles. The machine would sew a short time,  and then do it again. When I finally got my machine back, it worked a short time, then the same problem started again. This last time, a bird's nest gathered underneath my project-- 3 minutes left to sew on a 2 hour project. The machine froze. Once again, our local dealer cannot fix whatever the problem is this time.  It takes at least 2-3 months to get my machine back. My dealer has been very kind and understanding.  He let me borrow one from his store so at least I have something to sew with. Guess what! It did the same darn thing! My dealer ensures me that it isn't anthing I am doing wrong. Does anyone else have this problem? I want to  exchange my Janome for another brand. However, I have a lot of money tied into this machine - the initial cost, and shipping it to the factory, not to mention all the money I've spent on patterns. Help!! 
I feel like Janome should give me a new machine. Am I wrong? Janet

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