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Kathy Strabel

Virginia-- (and Janet)--Did you mean to say that prewound bobbins that are NOT Janome brand.....can cause the problems that Janet is having?

   I feel Janet's pain. I have had a similar problem, but with my MC500e machine. My bobbin would jump all over the place and make a terrible racket. I took it to the dealer and it would work for a short time, then the same thing would return---jumping bobbin, bird nests,etc. I was at the end of my patience with the dealer and Janome in general. However, the last time I took it in, the store owner sat my machine next to their floor model and compared the two machines, piece by piece. It turned out that my machine was actually lacking some obscure part which I believe is called the bobbin stop or stopper. He took the piece off of their floor model and put it on my machine and it has been good ever since. I assume they ordered a new piece for their floor model.  With an abundance of caution, I replaced all of my bobbins with Jenuine Janome brand, the ones with the rubber additive in the plastic that makes them more stable. I even ordered some pink ones, reserving those exclusively for my embroidery machine. The others are for my Janome Skyline 7, which is sew-only, no embroidery. I also bought a spool of Janome brand bobbin thread. Personally, I thought that thread looked a bit "linty" but it did a good job. I also have used Bottom Line bobbin thread with great success in these new Janome brand bobbins. I like to have LOTS of bobbins, so I ordered a bag of 25 of them for a very economical price from a place that has the word "Pocono" in its name. Pocono Sewing Supplies or something like that. I am not sure where I bought the Janome bobbin thread, maybe at the same place as the bobbins.  The genuine Janome bobbins have a "J" stamped into the core of each bobbin. You can tell if they are the newer, rubberized ones by tapping one on a front tooth (!!)---the non-rubberized ones make a sharper, crisper sound, the rubberized ones make a sound that is a bit duller and "softer". There is also a slightly different "feel" in your fingers between the two bobbin types. HArd to explain that one, but you will be able to discern the two.  My experience has been that once that "stopper" thing was installed and the changeover to the genuine, rubberized bobbins, I have had smooth sailing. I hope this solves your headache. 

If it does not, then yes, I would persue something with Janome--if neither their dealer nor the repair depot mechanics can fix it, they should replace your "lemon" of a machine.Three years is too short of a life span  for a machine that costs thousands of dollars, especially if it has spent months just in transit to and from the service depot. 

Good luck to you and let the Group know how this turns out for you.

Kathy Strabel   Camas WA   USA

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Are you using the yellow dot bobbin case?  Prewound bobbins that are Janome brand and not running your machine faster than 600 stitches per minute. All of these can cause the problems you are having.

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I am SO frustrated! I bought a brand new Janome 15000 three years ago. I loved it the first 13 months. Since then, I've had continuous problems. It has had to be shipped to New Jersey factory twice, because the local dealer can't fix the problem.  I would be in the middle of an embroidery project when the bobbin case jumped out of it's spot. I filed down where the needle struck the case to get the nick out and changed needles. The machine would sew a short time,  and then do it again. When I finally got my machine back, it worked a short time, then the same problem started again. This last time, a bird's nest gathered underneath my project-- 3 minutes left to sew on a 2 hour project. The machine froze. Once again, our local dealer cannot fix whatever the problem is this time.  It takes at least 2-3 months to get my machine back. My dealer has been very kind and understanding.  He let me borrow one from his store so at least I have something to sew with. Guess what! It did the same darn thing! My dealer ensures me that it isn't anthing I am doing wrong. Does anyone else have this problem? I want to  exchange my Janome for another brand. However, I have a lot of money tied into this machine - the initial cost, and shipping it to the factory, not to mention all the money I've spent on patterns. Help!! 
I feel like Janome should give me a new machine. Am I wrong? Janet

Have a good one!
Kathy Strabel

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