Tension problems with Old MC9000


I have an old Memory Craft 9000 that has worked beautifully since the early 1990’s. I’ve recently replaced the sewing functionality with an M7 and planned to keep the 9000 for embroidery for a few more years. 

Unfortunately I am now experiencing tension problems. I’ve cleaned everything and replaced the needle but continue to have tension issues, especially after the machine has run for 5+ minutes and is getting warm.  It appears that the thread (top) tension disks are not properly engaging.  The thread pulls through the tension disks with the same effort regardless of whether the pressure foot is up or down (sewing mode or embroidery mode).

Does anyone have suggestions or tricks to get this back working (aside from hoping that the dealer can fix such an old machine)?  

Despite popular belief, the Scan-n-sew PC with Ver 2 of the software is compatible with Windows 10. All that is required is a simple Serial to USB cable and a windows setting to map the serial port.  I am easily able to put downloaded designs onto the 9000 memory card and would love to get this machine working again. 

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions 

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