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You might simply download trials of any you are considering. Only download one at a time, though, or one’s trial might expire before you get to try it. I trialed Embrilliance and liked it (wanted digitizing) but it didn’t allow saving to test stitch. It was easy to use (for me and the way I think) but I got Hatch. I Embird also had a trial, as did SewWhat Pro, and Hatch, and I tried as many as interested me at that time.

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I am beginning to think about switching from one third-party embroidery program to another third-party program. The machine-branded programs are out of my budget's reach; my hobby dollars simply do not stretch that far.

I currently use Embird, which is the first platform I tried many years ago and I have stuck with it ever since. However, it is often very quirky, and technical help is very spotty, save for one person who is a volunteer and who does a great job. But I have no idea how long she will want to keep doing this service.

I am thinking about the Embrilliance platform. I have never seen it in person, only what I have seen on-screen and no one I know uses this platform. I do not require every bell and whistle from this platform, I believe that the Essentials, Thumbnailer, and Enthusiast modules would be quite sufficient for my needs and skill level. I do not intend to do any digitizing of my own designs, etc.  I do like doing lettering, merging, and some removing of pieces of commercially purchased designs

Can anyone offer an opinion  and/or their comparison of current Embird Basic and the Embrilliance modules mention above?  What do you like or not like about either of the platforms?

Thank you--and happy stitching!!
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