Re: Skipped needle stitches on my m7 continental

Clare Newing

Thank you I will check these out tomorrow.

On 10 Dec 2021, at 14:49, Lyn Quine <lynquine@...> wrote:

Is your thread securely in the take up lever? If the problem is underneath it’s usually top thread that is the problem. Have you cleaned the upper thread path? Use a Hoover over the front of the tension disc, or use unwaxed dental floss, or lint free cotton to gently run through the discs. One way to test if there’s fluff holding the tension discs open is to thread the Machine and gently pull the thread through with the foot up it should pull freely as there’s no tension on the thread, put the foot down and pull the thread again if it is still pulling freely then the discs aren’t closing, if you feel tension then they are ok.

Have you tried tightening the top tension. It’s an auto tension machine, you can still tighten by going up a number, or to loosen going down in number. You would access it in settings or an icon on your screen.
On 10 Dec 2021, at 13:32, Clare Newing <clarabelle.1@...> wrote:

I’m hoping someone can help.
The needle stitches are looping intermittently on the back of the fabric. I have changed the needle several times. I use good needles I only use gutermann thread I’ve checked and triple checked my threading and I’ve checked the bobbin area for fluff……all to no avail…….HELP PLEASE

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