Re: Janome 15,000 Quilt Maker Tension Cover


If you don't have UNwaxed dental floss, then use whatever cheap thread you have on hand, I keep some of the ultra-cheap white thread (3 spools for $1), that I would never use in the machine, solely for this purpose and prefer white thread so I can see how much dirt etc is being cleaned off.  You'll be quite surprised if it hasn't been done for a while. 

Pull off around a metre of thread, then another metre and do this several times, next give it a twist or two so the threads remain together (not that important but makes it easier).   Now dip it into Methylated Spirits...think it's called Denatured Alcohol in the US?...and allow the excess to drain away, you 'don't want this thread dripping wet' it only needs to be 'damp' so blot any excess with a scrap of fabric etc.  I hold one end near the spool area and follow the normal thread path right to the end, then floss it back and forth...the results will tell you if this needs repeating, which is why I prefer to use white thread.  Also check for tiny shreds of coloured thread that have been trapped in the tension discs and were probably causing problems.  Sometimes I've had tiny coloured fibres on the flossing thread when the machine hasn't been giving any problems. 

I've been using this method since my first embroidery machine in 2001 and it's still part of my machine maintenance.    Hope this helps?  ;-)

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