Re: 350E price

Lyn Quine

I fpound a load on Amazon, bought a pack of 10.  Wasn’t very expensive.  I have some upstairs with embroideries I want to do and I have some downstairs with the PC.  I also use some older USBs I found lurking at the back of the draw, 250 MB they work equally well.  I only use them as working USBs never store on them.  I stitch and delete and reload.  My backup USB is a 64GB and that is just one back up, I keep all my zipped original downloads on that.  My embroidery library and zips are also on an external drive. 



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Interesting that I’ve always only used 16 or 32g usb’s with nary a problem. I just don’t use them to nearly the capacity. Small g usb’s are hard to find.


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