Re: 350E price

Jean Olson

I have had a 350E since it came out! Have other machines, but love how little room it takes. No problem to take it anywhere if I wanted, nor to find room for it. I like to have it at standing level and it fits on a rather small open shelf - with enough room behind it so hoops don't hit the wall. I looked at the 500 a long time ago but didn't like all the space it took. I have a machine with larger hoops but I find I do mostly small things. Also, the simplicity of it is a big plus for me:-) Love the needle threader. As far as folders, I set up several folders inside the Embf5 top folder and find they don't need to be inside the My Designs folder. I use flash cards as at the time, they were so easy to find - they used to be used for cameras. I even have one that is FOUR MEGABYTES - unheard of today. It still holds lots of designs:-)


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