Re: Windows 11

Lyn Quine

I’ve found windows 10 ok with my Janome software, I have V5.5, although I think there was an issue with it after I upgraded from V5.  I had to have a one time only download from Wilcom, whether that was a windows 10 update or a corrupted USB I don’t know.  As far as windows 11 is concerned, Janome told me it should work ok with 5.5 don’t know about any earlier versions.  My PC is ok to download 11 but I’m not sure what will happen if there is a problem as the contract with Wilcom has ended, not sure if they will help if there’s a problem.  Janome now want us to buy the Artistic Digitizer which I will not do under any circumstances, I’ll go for Hatch 2.  

On 6 Dec 2021, at 13:49, Lou Ann <louannbush@...> wrote:

I've heard it said that every other generation of Windows is bad.  Now that Windows 11 is out, has anybody got it and has it affected your embroidery software?  Since I thought Windows 7 was good, v8 bad, and that v10 was better than 8, now is v11 to be avoided?

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