Re: Horizon Link Suite


You mention that you need the software to download the design.  Actually you don’t.   You need the software for your computer to have an idea of what to do with the design, view or edit the design, or send it to the machine via WiFi.

You do not mention where you purchased the embroidery design, but you should be able to download the design and move it over to a USB (that you have already formatted in the 15000) even without the software.  Just download the JEF design stitch file and save it to your computer in a place you like. Then copy it over to the USB in the EMB>Embf file path.  Then you should be able to open it on your machine from the plugged in USB. Go to the file folder icon, choose the USB drive and navigate to the file.

Also, you can now buy portable CD drives that plug into computers through a USB port from any computer store or even online.  They are not very expensive.


On Dec 4, 2021, at 9:40 AM, Sakeenah Mubashshir via <smubashshir@...> wrote:

Greetings Jim,

I live in Houston and I have a problem...

I purchased the MC 15000 in 2015 at International Quilt Festival. The computer that I downloaded the Horizon Link Suite has died and I have purchased a new laptop, Lenovo ThinkPad which does not have feature for CDs. 

I purchased a new embroidery design yesterday and didn't realize I need the software to properly download the design. I have the Horizon Suite CD that came with the original purchase but can't use it. Please help... is there a way to download the software to my new laptop.

Thanks in advance


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