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After you download a design from a purchase website, you don’t ‘need‘ any software to get the design to the 15000 because you can simply use the Operating system’s file manager to copy/paste it from where you saved it on download to a USB thumb/flash drive that your 15000 has formatted…after ‘unzipping if necessary.  You do need the HLS software to transfer the design via WiFi, though, and for design layout/editing, etc.  To install the software, there are portable USB cd/dvd drives, or create your own USB copy of the disc using a different computer.  

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On Dec 4, 2021 at 10:40 AM, <Sakeenah Mubashshir via> wrote:

Greetings Jim,

I live in Houston and I have a problem...

I purchased the MC 15000 in 2015 at International Quilt Festival. The computer that I downloaded the Horizon Link Suite has died and I have purchased a new laptop, Lenovo ThinkPad which does not have feature for CDs. 

I purchased a new embroidery design yesterday and didn't realize I need the software to properly download the design. I have the Horizon Suite CD that came with the original purchase but can't use it. Please help... is there a way to download the software to my new laptop.

Thanks in advance


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