Re: New Member looking for the just right new machine


While I guess the M7 would be a fabulous machine (all Janomes are!!) I felt it was physically too big for my sewing room that it would have to share with my other machines.  For many years I owned a 6500 and while it was a difficult decision to let it go, the 9450 now sits in it's place and I have never regretted that decision, although 'old habits' mean I forget to use the freearm sometimes.

You mentioned decorative stitches would be fun, then the 9450 has heaps and it also comes with Stitch Composer software so you can design your own deco stitches, but most of all, it stitches the most beautiful buttonholes and comes with the new buttonhole stabiliser plate which is fabulous when stitching buttonholes near an edge which has bulk from seam allowances etc or even fine, slippery fabrics used to make a blouse.  Recently I made a blouse from a silky fabric with rayon embroidery thread (for extra sheen) for the rounded-end buttonholes and the stabiliser plate meant the buttonholes were perfect and hassle-free. 

The harp space is great for all types of sewing, I make all of my clothes, quilts and home dec items and the harp space is one of the things I like most of all.  You mentioned 'not too interested in embroidery' but if you wish to add that in the future, my preference is to have a standalone embroidery machine, so I can continue sewing while the 500E is busy embroidering. 

If you are interested in FMQ check out ruler quilting which can be done on the 9450 too.  Also I've just bought the AcuFil Kit for the 500E and can't wait to quilt ITH.  There are so many options available and you can choose whichever suits you.  Good luck with your decision, please come back and let us know which machine followed you home. 

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