Re: iPad stitch file display

Kathy Skagen

I don't know if this info will help at all but there was an Apple update this week. That probably affected your defaults. Can you set it in 'settings'? Maybe the StitchBuddy developer will know how you can make it your default again. 

On Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 09:10:45 AM CST, Pixey via <pixeyam@...> wrote:

I know people have talked about losing their stitch file icon images on PCs, but I have now had it happen on my iPad.

I have put my designs up in folders on my iCloud Drive for ease of sending to my 1500p & S9. I have StitchBuddy Pro for iPad as well as AcuEdit.  The last time I viewed my files in the folders app, I saw the images because of the latest StitchBuddy update.  But I went in yesterday and now all I get is the AcuEdit icon.  I think I had used AcuEdit to send a design to my machine.  I went into StitchBuddy and played around (on the “last program accessed” theory) but that did not work.

Any tips on how to reset it to get StitchBuddy back primary for viewing the files.


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