Re: Janome 15,000 vs M7


My first sewing /embroidery machine was the top of line Babylock machine. At the time I purchased it I paid over $7k for it. This was about 20 years ago.
As many of you know, Babylock & Brother are made by the same company, much like Janome & Elna are.
The Babylock machine had to be rebuilt 2 times at my own expense. The machine wasn't nearly as sturdy, nor was the stitch quality in sewing nor embroidery nearly what we have with our Janome 15k.
Just my real experience!
Now, about the fact that Janome hangs way back when it comes to technology and bells & whistles is true, unfortunately.
I too wish they would step up their game when it comes to some of the very interesting functions that other top of the line machines have.
But I seriously doubt that they will.
Even with that, I'm very pleased with the quality of my machines, it's a better built, better running machine than many others.

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