Re: Janome 15,000 vs M7

Ceil J

Your experience reminds me of what I found when I was looking for a new machine about 6-7 years ago when I bought my 15000.  I did go to the Brother dealer and they had a group of women doing embroidery there.  It looked like a fun group and I wanted to get the TOL Brother machine at the time and join them.  But when I actually tried out the machine it seemed cheaply made (and this was their TOL at the time) and I didn't like how it stitched.  But the dealer kept showing me all the features it had such as a laser.   As I had been to many shops and different brands before this I asked him if he did the repairs himself and he said that he had been doing all the repairs right in his shop BUT he could only do some simple cleaning on this one as "they jammed so much stuff in there".  Well, I didn't really like the stitching and feel of the machine and sending it away if there was an issue was a deal breaker for me.  I visited 3 Janome dealers and loved the quality of the machine.  My dealer is about 2 1/2 hours away but he is fantastic- honest, kind, and helpful and he really knows his stuff.  There were two other dealers who was closer but one made a point of bad-mouthing the other brands and another didn't do repairs (they had another store they sent them to).  I've been happy with my choice!

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