Re: Janome 15,000 vs M7


As I frequently lament to my husband with a deep sigh, there is no perfect machine. 

I recently attended an Anita Goodesign workshop where they were also selling high end Brother machines. It is obvious to me that Janome and Brother are taking very different design and market approaches to their products.  Brother is definitely adding a lot more editing features onto the machine and going for bigger hoops.  But I wasn’t as impressed with the overall durability…I saw a lot more plastic on those machines than my Janome machines have.  I also found the user interface a lot more cluttered with extra steps to go through to get to the point of stitching.  Also, they only give you 2 hoops with the machine, one smaller hoop and whatever is the max size hoop for the machine.  So going with the model that you generally want to use the hoop that is closest in size to the design, you can end up having to do a middle sized design in a gigantic hoop.  So it really just depends on what you are wanting as your priorities.


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Yes, and my dealer said it’s $17,000! 

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