Re: Janome 15,000 vs M7

Lyn Quine

I’m in the same position Cynthia, although husband says they’ve got to last.  I have the 12000 and 15000.  I must admit the brother Luminaire does look very interesting with its capabilities, but it will always be updated.  I think Janome have definitely got behind in the market place.  Whatever they do for the anniversary definitely needs to be better than M7/550e combi.  We can already buy them as individual machines, what’s the point in the combination.  

On 10 Nov 2021, at 12:49, Cynthia Dickerson <cindydickerson@...> wrote:

Well, I don't know if the M7 and 500e combo would be enough to make me purchase Janome's new machine.  I was hoping it would be more advanced than that.  Janome was always the leader in the industry and that sounds like a step backwards to me.  Other brands are going around us!  I have been a loyal Janome customer for at least 30 years and have never purchased another brand, but some of the new models from other companies are looking pretty good and pretty pricey!!  I am retired and my hubby says one more new machine for retirement,  so I have to make it a really good one!!

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