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I'm a relative newbie with digitizing...LOL  I could have gotten MBX from my dealer, but they told me right up front they knew nothing about digitizers/digitizing/MBX and I would need my own resources.  I actually got Hatch, but had been using several other software packages before Hatch existed...including editing designs...needle drop by needle a free version by Wilcom. 

I have only been digitizing with Hatch for about 6 years, and am basically self taught, though I did learn from Maggie for a time, and I signed up for a digitizing 'class' online that I was only able to use the first class because the materials to download were 'missing' from that website.  I watched some videos, looked at the manual, and everything I could find...this was all long before Maggie found me.

I actually started looking at digitizing more than those 6-ish years ago...started even before I got my first embroidery machine, using some 'free' software that had absolutely NO instructions...most written by programmers whose wives embroidered, so they wrote digitizing software for their wives.

So, that was my first 'mental whiplash'...and how I realized I needed to 'learn the embroidery/digitizing code' BEFORE I spent "a comma" on a digitizer...even before I could evaluate WHICH digitizer I needed, I knew I HAD to figure out what all those words/features/techniques were/meant. 

All of that is why, about 6 years ago, I bought Hatch (not long after it came out) I have a long and extensive background in graphics, having written my own drawing programs before there were 'canned' graphics/drawing programs for computers (before the IBM PC was invented), and having used and taught many 'canned' (commercially available) drawing/painting/graphics programs both personally and as a 30+year I.T. professional...and Hatch (and Embrilliance) were the 'most like' those. 

I have since seen other digitizing software that I do like some of the features, and I don't know if they are newer than my 'old' searches or if I just wasn't able to find them in my searches back then, but for now, Hatch is almost all I use.  I will say that digitizing software is rather in a 'niche' market, and I didn't find it easy at all to find when I was frantically searching for options.

You will get there...but it IS like Kathy said...a foreign language that requires patience and practice !

- Cat (FL)

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You are very welcome! When we all first got started, it was like learning a foreign language. I read the manual for my digitizing program twice and it didn't make any sense at all. Neither did the embroidery part. So, I understand how you feel. Today, we have tons of You Tube videos that will will help a lot. There are also Facebook groups like this one that will happily answer questions. 
Do you have a shop in your area that gives classes? You could try the dealer that you bought your machine from. Hands on lessons really help. Even over Zoom.
Conquering mug rugs is good accomplishment! You just need to know the basics of embroidery to get started and then its the more you do, the more comfortable you become, and the more you learn from what you have done. It sounds like your T-shirt issues were probably due to stabilizer. Use cutaway stabilizer on knits and tear away on woven fabrics. The cutaway keeps the knit under the embroidery design from stretching and causing puckers and broken threads.
The group I was in has evolved into a new group after the lady who was so much help to me passed away. I am by no means an expert but I am happy to help you in any way that I can. My email is kagen48@....

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Thank you so much Kathy I really appreciate it. I so wish I had someone close to me who could teach me more I have had my HMC 15000 for a number of years and just mostly sew on it as I am not that knowledgeable with the embroidery part ie what fabric and stabilizer to use etc. The only thing I managed to conquer is mug rugs but there I basically follow the instructions. I tried a t-shirt and it came out great until I washed it and it all puckered. If you know of anyone in your group that would be willing to help me and is in my area I would love to meet them. I live close to Niagara Falls, ON Canada. 
Anyway thank you again for the help I really really really appreciate it.


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I have made a folder in 'my documents' called "My embroidery designs" with subfolders inside it. Some folders are labeled by category (animals, babies, etc.) and some are labeled by the name of the website/company I got them from (Anita Goode Designs, Urban Threads, etc.) and I have a folder named 'my designs' for the ones that I have created myself. I have subfolders in the subfolders to help me organize and find things. That has worked well for me and was recommended by Maggie Cooper who taught me to digitize. She had an amazing amount of knowledge.
I need to than Lynn for reminding me just now that I need to back them up again!
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How many designs can AcuEdit hold? How else should I be storing all my embroidery designs?


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